3 Reasons Why Marilla is a Great Mom

On Mother’s Day we celebrate our Mothers and all that they do for us.

Mothers nurture and care for their children long after they become adults. Though Marilla came to motherhood later in life, she is a great mother to Anne. Despite her initial reservations, Marilla grew to adore Anne and their relationship flourished into a loving one.  Here are some ways that Marilla is a great Mom:

She Teaches

anne the animated series episode 3 the stray marilla anne dogThough Anne comes to Green Gables as an older child, she has many lessons left to learn and Marilla more than provides them. Marilla teaches Anne to be responsible, manage her finances, and the home and cooking skills she’ll need once she grows up. For instance, when Anne finds a stray dog, Marilla warns her how much of a responsibility owning a dog is. Eventually when Anne starts to take care of the dog, she realizes how much work is involved and that Marilla was right.



She is Loving but Firm

Marilla cares about Anne and wants her to thrive and become a successful adult. Marilla achieves this by setting boundaries, assigning chores, and holding Anne accountable her (bad) behavior.  When Anne goes on a spending spree after receiving a month’s worth of allowance, Marilla puts her foot down and takes her straight to the bank. Though her methods seem harsh, they’re motivated by a deep love for Anne and wanting her to succeed.

She Apologizes

When someone apologizes and acknowledges a mistake it reminds us that we are all human and capable of making mistakes. In Anne’s early days at Green Gables, Missing BroachMarilla’s amethyst broach goes missing. As Anne was the last person to touch the broach, Marilla assumes it was Anne. However, once Marilla find her broach, she apologizes, teaching Anne the valuable lesson that forgiving others is just as important as asking for forgiveness.

All of these reasons make Marilla a great Mom.

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