Anne gets an allowance in “Anne’s Disappearing Allowance”!

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In Anne: The Animated Series episode “Anne’s Disappearing Allowance”, Anne gets her first allowance!

In the episode “Anne’s Disappearing Allowance” Anne gets her first allowance from Matthew and Marilla for doing her chores.  Due to the excitement of having money, she goes to the general store and spends all her money at once.  She spends her money instead of saving it.  Because she spends her money unwisely on things she does not need, Anne almost loses her allowance privileges.  She quickly learns how to manage her money properly.

Anne's disappearing allowance

Anne enjoys getting her allowance too much, as she spends it all at once and not on what she was trying to save up for.  She learned very quickly to manage her money and not spend it all in one place.  It was an important lesson to learn, as she now understands the meaning of hard work and saving!

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