Anne learns about rules in “A Question of the Rules”!

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In the Anne the Animated Series episode “A Question of the Rules” the Hunt for the Golden Crown forces Anne to question which rules to follow.

question of the rulesIt is the annual Hunt for the Golden Crown in Avonlea, which has all the kids excited.  The Hunt requires a series of rituals and rules to be followed, but when the adults of the community impose other rules it becomes confusing.  The adults state that it is the kids won’t be able to play in the Hunt this year.  Anne and the other kids find all the rules confusing and contradictory, which makes it uneasy for them to know which to follow.  Anne decides to follow her own rules, but realizes quickly there are certain rules that everyone must follow.

anne and two boysThe episode explores the ideas of rules and the consequences of not following them.  It is very important to establish a set of rules and guidelines that should be followed.  However, enforcing rules can be difficult.  But as long as there are consequences for breaking rules, it will help deter any breaking of rules.

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