Anne’s Red Hair in “Carrots”!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “Carrots” Anne tries to change her red hair!

Anne is tired of Gilbert’s mean comments about her red hair.  She tries to cover up her red hair, but the results are awful.  Through trying to change her hair Anne realizes that it is part of what makes her unique.  She is able to understand that being self conscious about her hair made her feel bad about herself.  When she was being called names because of the colour of her hair, she immediately wanted to change the colour to fit in.  But the disaster of attempting to change the colour sparked more confidence in Anne, as she was able to proudly show off her red hair!

anne animated episode 1 carrots gilbert
The name-calling because of her hair colour created her to be self conscious about it. Her hair was making her feel different than everyone else.  She tried to fit in by attempting to change the colour, but after doing so realized that she is who she is and she should be proud of hair great red hair!

anne animated episode 1 carrots
Anne realizes that being different is okay, and that her features that make her stand out should be celebrated and not hidden.  She decides that it is more important to know how she feels about her hair, rather than submit to peer pressure.  Anne learns a very important lesson about fitting in, friendship and confidence!

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