Commitments in the Episode “The Ice Cream Promise”

By February 6, 2013Blog

The Anne: The Animated Series episode “The Ice Cream Promise” finds Anne offering to help Marilla make home made ice cream.

This small offer turns into a promise, which commits Anne to helping Marilla.  However, Anne finds that there are other activities she would rather do than help Marilla.  Yet, Marilla too, finds herself in over her head with the actual making of the ice cream.  But both of them do not know how to express their doubts to each other.

The issues of time management and commitments come up in this episode.  Anne finds herself wanting to do other things rather than make ice cream with Marilla.  But it is her commitment to help Marilla that keeps her focused on the ice cream.  It is more important for Anne to keep her word to Marilla that she will help than for Anne to break her commitment and do other activities.  In regards to time management, Anne needs to make time to help Marilla, but also make time for her to enjoy other activities as well.

The other issue that comes up in the episode is that both Anne and Marilla find making the ice cream is more time consuming than they had realized.  They needed to express their feelings in a positive way to each other to make sure they were on the same page about the task at hand.  By expressing themselves in a positive way, it avoids hurt feelings, but still lets each other know how they really feel, even with a fun activity like making ice cream!

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