Everyone Needs A Family

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In Anne: Journey to Green Gables, we learn the importance of family.

As an orphan, Anne did not receive the comfort and love from her family that many of us get from the moment we are born. Anne had a rough early childhood, living with people who wanted to make her a servant rather than a part of their family. She was expected to look after children that weren’t much younger than she was but no one ever took care of Anne. That all changed when she went to Green Gables but it wasn’t easy.

Missing BroachIt takes trust to keep a family strong and when Marilla suspects Anne has taken her amethyst brooch, that trust is tested. However, when Marilla finds the brooch, she learns to open up to Anne and also that forgiveness and trust go both ways.  This was an important step in making Marilla think of Anne as a daughter instead of a just a poor orphan girl.

Anne also discovers that good friends can be like having another family when you can count on them to help you out. Gilbert, Diana and Felix certainly did just that when they helped Anne escape the clutches of the evil Madame Poubelle.

anne animated felix diana anne gilbert

Anne teaches us that family is not just flesh and blood. It took some doing but eventually Marilla and Matthew accept Anne as one of their own. Anne is the orphan but Marilla and Matthew soon realize that they need Anne’s love just as much as she needs theirs… and that is what being part of a family is all about.






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