Imagination Will Set You Free

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Anne’s imagination can sometimes get her in trouble but it gave her hope through difficult times.

Journey In Anne: Journey to Green  Gables, we learn about Anne’s life before coming to Green Gables. As an orphan, Anne had to work for mean families and live in some pretty tough conditions. Anne doesn’t get to eat nice food, she doesn’t sleep in a nice a warm bed, and worst of all Anne has no family to give her the comfort and love that she wants.

To make matters worse, Anne gets transferred from working for these mean families to Grout Orphanage, owned by the sinister and bitter Madame Poubelle. The conditions at Grout are even worse, but through it all, Anne uses her imagination to make the best of a bad situation.


When Anne: Journey to Green  Gables begins Anne is laying in the grass watching the clouds and daydreaming. Anne’s imagination takes her away from her chores and difficult life.  Anne daydreams about becoming a princess and having a different life but ultimately her greatest and most meaningful dream is to have a family. Even when her squirrel friend Bailey doubts that the Cuthbert’s will keep her, Anne imagines that her dream of staying at Green Gables and having a family of her own, comes true.

Anne & MarillaIn Anne: Journey to Green  Gables we learn that by using our imaginations, we can be transported to fantastical places, which is really helpful during difficult times. Ultimately, Anne’s vivid imagination helped her stay optimistic and gave her hope that her dreams would come true.




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