The Importance of Reading

Anne Shirley is an avid reader and we see her reading often in Anne: Journey to Green Gables. Though it distracts her from her work sometimes (especially with Mrs. Hammond), books and language comfort Anne.

Anne&BaileyRockReading is empowering for Anne leading Madame Poubelle to burn most of her books. Without her books, Poubelle knows Anne will be forced to focus on her unfortunate situation. Good thing Mavis manages to salvage one of Anne’s books for her! Otherwise, Anne’s time at Grout Orphanage would have been even worse.

We learn from Anne that there are several good reasons to read:

  1. It boosts imagination and creativity: Anne is known for her amazing and sometimes over the top imagination and reading transports her to fantastical places outside of her own experience at Grout.  For instance, one of Anne’s favourite poems is “The Lady of Shalott,” by Alfred Lord Tennyson. It’s about a woman imprisoned in a building and gives Anne someone to relate to outside of her fellow orphans at Grout.
  2. It helps develop critical thinking skills: Through reading, Anne uses some critical thinking skills that enable her to devise her plan to prove her “noble lineage” to escape the orphanage.
  3. It is a source of entertainment: Anne spends the majority of her time working­­ – and sometimes not—but when she has time for herself, it’s one of her favourite forms of entertainment.

Life at Grout proved to be challenging for Anne. Through reading, Anne had a tool to not only entertain herself, but keep her spirits up and utilize her reading skills to leave Grout Orphanage and live the life she truly deserved in Green Gables.

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