Life Lessons from Anne Shirley

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One of the most exciting things about Anne: The Animated Series is that every episode holds an important life lesson.  With topics ranging from sportsmanship to self-confidence to determination, audiences young and old are sure to discover something new! Read on to discover five invaluable lessons you can learn from watching Anne.

anne the animated series episode 17 a walk in his shoes anne diana1)      Friendship: In the episode “One True Friend,” Anne struggles to stay loyal to Diana when she finds out she has head lice. But Anne quickly realizes her friendship with Diana is more important than her own popularity.

2)      Working Together: The episode “Taffy” sees Anne and Felicity in an argument over some salty Taffy. Anne believes Felicity has tampered with her treats, but Felicity is sure she didn’t. Eventually, by putting aside their differences and learning to work together, the two girls are able to find out what really happened.

3)      Self-Confidence: In “Carrots,” Anne is fed up with everyone commenting on her red hair, so she decides to change it. The results are disastrous, though, with Anne accidentally dying her famous red hair an awful shade of green! But, the whole ordeal ultimately shows Anne that her red hair is what makes her unique and beautiful.

4)      Following Rules: “A Question of Rules” takes place at the annual Hunt for the Golden Crown in Avonlea. Anne and her anne the animated series episode 8 lost and foundpals find the rules of the hunt far too confusing, so Anne decides to make them up! But the gang quickly learns that some rules are set for a reason, and that not following them can lead to some pretty serious consequences.

5)      Bullying: The episode “A Bully by the Horns” stars Ralph, a new kid in town who starts picking on Anne’s friend Felix. Anne and her friends decide to fight back, but they soon discover that they, too, have started acting like bullies. Anne soon learns that the best way to deal with a bully is to treat them with kindness and respect.

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