Peg teaches Anne how to make Syrup

By January 21, 2013Blog

On Sunday Boston’s WGBH aired the episode of ‘A Square Peg’ from Anne: The Animated Series. This episode was the stimulus for Anne of Green Gables Maple Syrup.

In ‘A Square Peg, Anne and her friends discover Peg Bowen, the ‘witch’ of Avonlea. They notice how different she is from them and they are frightened. However, it is ultimately revealed that Peg wasn’t making potions in her pot, she was making tasty maple syrup. By getting to know Peg Anne learns a valuable lesson about acceptance and the benefits of being unique.

In 2012 Peg’s secret recipe of syrup became a real item – Anne of Green Gables Maple Syrup was released. Now you can remind your children of the lessons from ‘A Square Peg’ while they enjoy some yummy breakfast foods.

Anne of Green Gables Maple Syrup really is just the beginning. Maple cookies, maple candy and maple popcorn are also available.

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Who knew life lessons could be so sweet?

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