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Group Work is Explored in “A Better Mousetrap”

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In Anne: The Animated Series the episode “A Better Mousetrap” Anne learns the value of group work.

In this episode, there is a mouse problem over running Avonlea.  As the kids get a school assignment to try to address the growing number of mice in Avonlea, Anne is paired with Diana, which she is happy with until Felix also joins their group.  Anne and Diana are not thrilled they have to do the assignment with Felix.  They ignore his ideas and only use their own for the assignment.  But their ideas about the mice do not work out, which cause them to finally consider Felix’s suggestions.  It is Felix’s idea that ends up working the best, which Anne and Diana realize they should have listened to him earlier.  They learn that although they had preconceived notions of Felix, they need to listen and consider his ideas as well.  It all works out in the end and they learn a valuable lesson.

The episode explores the way group work can go sour quickly.  There is always someone in the group that can be quiet or less confident in their ideas.  In this episode, it was Felix that was ignored in the group.  Felix redeems himself when his ideas prove to be valuable.  But Anne and Diana learned a good lesson that they need to consider every idea in the group, rather than ignore some member’s contributions.