A Welcome Hero

Never Judge a Book by its Cover!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “A Welcome Hero” Anne finds out that she can’t judge a book by its cover!

The famous adventure author E.J. Lark comes to Avonlea, which thrills Anne as she anticipates the visit.  However, when Anne thinks a tall, handsome writer is coming to town, she is mistaken.  As E.J. Lark turns out to be a quiet, mousy woman much to Anne’s surprise.  Anne is taken aback by E.J. Larks appearance, but after spending some time with E.J., Anne realizes she judged E.J. by her appearance before she got to know her.  E.J. impresses Anne with her love of adventure and strong personality!

Anne learns quickly not to judge others by their appearance, as she jumped to an uninformed conclusion about E.J.  It is through the visit with E.J. that she learns more about her personality, and that is does not match her mousy appearance.  Anne finds out that people can look a certain way and have a totally different personality.  As well she learns that it is the personality that makes someone interesting, not their appearance.