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Anne: The Animated Series Episode “Marbles”

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In Anne: The Animated Series, the episode “Marbles” looks at both the ideas of trends and competition.

Anne finds herself caught up in all the excitement of playing marbles at school.  However, she ends up playing one of Matthew’s marbles and loses it because the kids are playing for keeps.  Anne realizes that her competitiveness has caused her to lose Matthew’s marble.  She leans that it is important to enjoy playing the game rather than put winning first.  She persuades the other kids not to play for keeps, but to just play for fun.  This allows all the kids to enjoy themselves and not have to worry about winning or losing!

The effects of trends are also shown in this episode with the marbles.  From one time to another trends like marbles, Pogs, Beanie Babies or Pokemon cards, become important to kids.  Trends come and go, as whatever is fun and new replaces what was previously exciting.  But it is important to have kids understand that trends can be fun, yet do not need to be consuming.  There is a need to enjoy things without getting caught up in the buzz about a certain trend.  At the same time, certain trends can mark fun times growing up.  For instance, while Beanie Babies were all the rage, everyone enjoyed trying to get their favourite ones.  Yet now looking back on it, the trend was a common experience shared by many people as well as making some childhood memories.

The other theme explored in the episode was competitiveness.  Anne finds herself wanting to win more than anything, which makes her risk and lose Matthew’s marble.  It takes that event to show her how her competitive side has caused her not to enjoy marbles anymore.  Being slightly competitive is fine while playing a game, as it allows for more focus on the game.  However, when a competitive spirit starts to obsessively focus on winning, it takes away from the fun of the game.  Having fun should remain to be the most important part of the game and the biggest motivator to do well.

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Sportsmanship and Nerves In The Episode Butterflies

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Two very important topics are covered in the episode “Butterflies” in Anne: The Animated Series, as Gilbert and Anne learn about sportsmanship as well as nervous butterflies.

The episode “Butterflies” in Anne: The Animated Series has the hockey game between Avonlea and Carmody coming up fast.  As team captain of the hockey team, Gilbert finds it very important that his team win.  The whole town begins to obsess about the importance of the Avonlea team winning the game.  Yet, this only makes the Avonlea team fall apart.  Anne helps Gilbert to realize how significant sportsmanship is, and reminds him how much he enjoys playing the game.  The team is able to come together before the game and have a great time while they play.  Anne also finds her stomach has butterflies during the episode, but learns they are a good thing!

The Importance of Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is an important part of any sport, as it stresses fair play, honesty and respect.  This is a large part of any individual or team sport, as without it the sore loser or even bad winners make the game no fun for everyone involved.  In any game, the drive to win can get in the way of having fun.  But the focus should always come back to how much fun the players have with the game; because without any fun, the players will not enjoy the game.  Losing is never a fun part of any game and can cause some unsportsmanship behaviour.  In contrast, gloating about winning is just as bad.  It is important to have a middle ground, to be happy regardless if you win or lose because you just had a great time playing the game!

How Do Butterflies In Your Stomach Work?

The feeling of fluttery butterflies in one’s stomach is a physical reaction to nervousness or excitement.  As in the episode “Butterflies”, it is in relation to nervousness.  There is a general belief that the fluttery sensation when nervous is a response of adrenaline pulling blood away from the stomach and putting it towards the muscles.  This reduces blood flow to the stomach, which results in a loss of appetite. This sensation is usually a response to nerves about a certain event, in which the body goes into a fight or flight mode that makes the body think it should react to some approaching danger.  The best way to calm butterflies is to take deep breaths and try to relax.