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Anne gets an allowance in “Anne’s Disappearing Allowance”!

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In Anne: The Animated Series episode “Anne’s Disappearing Allowance”, Anne gets her first allowance!

In the episode “Anne’s Disappearing Allowance” Anne gets her first allowance from Matthew and Marilla for doing her chores.  Due to the excitement of having money, she goes to the general store and spends all her money at once.  She spends her money instead of saving it.  Because she spends her money unwisely on things she does not need, Anne almost loses her allowance privileges.  She quickly learns how to manage her money properly.

Anne's disappearing allowance

Anne enjoys getting her allowance too much, as she spends it all at once and not on what she was trying to save up for.  She learned very quickly to manage her money and not spend it all in one place.  It was an important lesson to learn, as she now understands the meaning of hard work and saving!

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Anne and Diana set up their own club!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “No Anne is an Island”, Anne and Diana set up their own club!

anne hopscotchAnne and Diana get excluded by their classmates, so they decide to start their own club.  The club is to be exclusive and the only members can be Anne and Diana.  But while building their new club house, both Anne and Diana realize that everyone else at school has joined an exclusive club started by Felicity!  The girls soon understand that in being snubbed by some classmates and then deciding to then exclude kids from their club was just as mean as the original snub.

It is a great episode to show the need to include everyone in activities.  There is no reason to exclude others, as Anne and Diana first were snubbed then began to snub others.  It is a mean cycle that only hurts feelings.  In order to have everyone have fun, it is best to include everyone!

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Anne gets superstitious in “Condition of Superstition”!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “Condition of Superstition”, Anne and Diana start to get superstitious!

Condition of SuperstitionAnne and Diana have superstitious beliefs, as they believe in good luck charms and that the swings have a special power.  They take things too far when it interferes with Marilla’s attempt to convince the town council to build a new library for Avonlea.  Because of this, Anne realizes that her superstitions have not been helpful.  She finds that the superstitions act negatively, as they stop her from problem solving.

Anne gets wrapped up in the fun of the superstitions until they have a negative effect on Marilla’s pitch for the new library.  Anne learns that problem solving is much more effective, as she finds problem solving provides a sustainable solution.  Although the superstitions are fun, she finds that problem solving is a better way to get through situations.

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Anne and Diana get lost in “Lost and Found”!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “Lost and Found”, Anne and Diana get lost looking for buried treasure!

anne dianaAnne and Diana decide to go into the woods to look for treasure.  They head off into the woods without telling anyone where they were going, without any supplies and without a map.  After they get lost, they end up finding more than they bargained for!

Anne and Diana make the mistake of going into the woods without telling their parents, without taking any food and water, and without a map.  They did not do the things that are required to go out to the woods alone.  It was very easy for them to get lost after they did not do what they should have.  They learned a valuable lesson that to always tell their parents where they are going, to always take food and water on a hike, and to always take a map with them!

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Anne and Felicity work together in the episode “Taffy”!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “Taffy”, Anne finds the Taffy she made too salty!

felicity and anne must work togetherThe annual Taffy Day festival has come to Avonlea and Anne decides to make some taffy for the festivities.  But when she gets to the festival and tries some of her taffy, it is too salty.  Anne thinks that it is Felicity who tampered with her taffy.  However, both girls soon realize the errors of their ways and work together to solve their misunderstanding.

Although Anne is quick to judge Felicity, Anne comes to realize that they should work together rather than against each other.  In working together, they begin to understand what happened to the taffy, but also how they can put aside their differences to work together.  It is a great episode to show that working together has many benefits, even with those you do not get along with!

Anne helps Felix with a bully in “Bully by the Horns”!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “Bully by the Horns”, Ralph, a new kid in town, is bullying Felix until Anne intervenes.

When Ralph comes to town he begins to pick on Felix and when Anne finds out, she decides to stick up for Felix.  However, when Anne sticks up for Felix she finds herself acting like a bully to Ralph.  In order to stop this chain of behavior, Felix and Anne work together to decrease Ralph’s aggression.  In doing so, it allows Felix and Ralph to start a friendship.

Matthew’s suggestion to Anne that perhaps no one had been nice to Ralph and therefore he is not nice to anyone sticks with her.  She figures out that by being nice to Ralph it may soften his demeanor with other people.  When Felix tries to be Ralph’s friend it is the start of a fun relationship, as Ralph changes his temper.

Because Ralph is a new kid in town, he tries to act tough, but it back fires as he lashes out at people who could be his new friends.  When Anne intervenes it helps Felix, but does not help Ralph.  So when Felix takes the time to try to be nice to Ralph, it is an important step in welcoming Ralph to town and making him feel welcome.

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Sportsmanship and Nerves In The Episode Butterflies

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Two very important topics are covered in the episode “Butterflies” in Anne: The Animated Series, as Gilbert and Anne learn about sportsmanship as well as nervous butterflies.

The episode “Butterflies” in Anne: The Animated Series has the hockey game between Avonlea and Carmody coming up fast.  As team captain of the hockey team, Gilbert finds it very important that his team win.  The whole town begins to obsess about the importance of the Avonlea team winning the game.  Yet, this only makes the Avonlea team fall apart.  Anne helps Gilbert to realize how significant sportsmanship is, and reminds him how much he enjoys playing the game.  The team is able to come together before the game and have a great time while they play.  Anne also finds her stomach has butterflies during the episode, but learns they are a good thing!

The Importance of Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is an important part of any sport, as it stresses fair play, honesty and respect.  This is a large part of any individual or team sport, as without it the sore loser or even bad winners make the game no fun for everyone involved.  In any game, the drive to win can get in the way of having fun.  But the focus should always come back to how much fun the players have with the game; because without any fun, the players will not enjoy the game.  Losing is never a fun part of any game and can cause some unsportsmanship behaviour.  In contrast, gloating about winning is just as bad.  It is important to have a middle ground, to be happy regardless if you win or lose because you just had a great time playing the game!

How Do Butterflies In Your Stomach Work?

The feeling of fluttery butterflies in one’s stomach is a physical reaction to nervousness or excitement.  As in the episode “Butterflies”, it is in relation to nervousness.  There is a general belief that the fluttery sensation when nervous is a response of adrenaline pulling blood away from the stomach and putting it towards the muscles.  This reduces blood flow to the stomach, which results in a loss of appetite. This sensation is usually a response to nerves about a certain event, in which the body goes into a fight or flight mode that makes the body think it should react to some approaching danger.  The best way to calm butterflies is to take deep breaths and try to relax.