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Anne Shirley: An Important Female Role Model

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Though every generation seems to claim to have the most wholesome programming, many parents these days are finding there to be a real dry spell for kids cartoons. Anne of Green Gables is a timeless classic that everyone, regardless of age, always goes back to. The story has re-emerged in the public’s mind lately because Anne Shirley is such a strong role model, particularly for girls.

Bratz dollsIn the early 2000s, controversy arose regarding the Bratz doll franchise which spun into a television series. The characters had pouting lips, wore makeup, and mini-skirts with fishnet stockings. Not exactly age appropriate for the four to eight year old girls they were targeting. To make matters worse many of the episodes promoted vanity, a constant plot point throughout the two-year run was the girls being seen without make up. Heaven forbid.

Anne: The Animated Series is a beautiful children’s series that teaches kids valuable lessons, while having some fun. Anne Shirley is an imaginative little girl. Outspoken, and sometimes a little over the top, she is a great female role model for young girls. She’s smart, often going toe to toe with Gilbert, the other smartest kid in her class. She also sticks up for herself and her friends. Anne utilizes her active imagination to help her solve problems. Anne is only 10 years old and like every little girl, is prone to making mistakes. How she resolves them is what’s important.

Rather than make clothing or having fancy possessions, the kids in this series act like they’re supposed to—like kids. Though many of Anne with Marilla and Matthewus can remember a time when all we wanted to be was older,  the tendency in modern cartoons to make children’s animated characters look like teenagers is troubling. Childhood is a precious time, filled with milestones to experience and precious lessons to learn, and although that takes time, childhood doesn’t last forever. As many a parent can attest, kids grow up fast enough as it is.

Adolescence will provide more challenges and that’s why it’s so important that kids learn valuable lessons through good role models. Anne Skipping Green GablesLessons that Anne: The Animated Series teaches like learning the value of money and to save, to not judge others based on appearances and many more, are important.

If you’re looking for an animated series with a great female role model,  Anne: The Animated Series is it. You can watch all of Anne’s animated adventures on DVD!

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Anne’s Three Good Friends!

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Learn about Anne’s three good friends on Anne: The Animated Series!

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Diana is Anne’s best friend and the two girls have been attached at the hip since the moment they met. She is a dark-haired girl with a sunny personality. Diana often finds herself dragged into Anne’s escapades like the good, true friend she is. After all, that’s what “kindred spirits” are for!

gilbert anne

Gilbert is a generous, athletic, bright and fair-minded boy. He keeps Anne on her toes because he’s as smart as she is.  But this doesn’t sit too well with Anne and her pride often gets in the way of their friendship.

Though he is a sturdy and inventive boy, Felix King isn’t often the “head of the class” in the Avonlea Schoolhouse.  But he sure knows how to have fun! Felix shares Anne’s love of adventure.  He thinks she is the “cat’s meow” and will follow her anywhere.

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