Babysitter Blues

Anne Helps a Friend in Need in “Babysitter Blues”!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “ Babysitter Blues” Gilbert thinks babysitting is easy until he is doing it alone!

babysitter blues stillGilbert is babysitting his cousin, who turns out to be a handful!  Gilbert assumes babysitting will be easy before he actually is alone with his cousin.  Anne, who has much experience with babysitting, comes to Gilbert’s rescue.  With the help of Anne Gilbert gets through his time babysitting, but realizes how demanding and difficult babysitting can be.  He also learns how important it is to be caring, understanding and vigilant while babysitting too.

Anne helps out Gilbert during his first time babysitting, as he does not have the experience she does.  Her help makes the time more enjoyable, but Gilbert also learns a lot too.  It is important to be there for friends when they need a helping hand, but to also share your knowledge and experience.  Their friendship is important as they can help each other get through situations and experiences, as Anne did with her babysitting experience.  Although Gilbert thought he could do it on his own, he was happy to have a helpful friend like Anne!