Condition of Superstition

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Anne gets superstitious in “Condition of Superstition”!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “Condition of Superstition”, Anne and Diana start to get superstitious!

Condition of SuperstitionAnne and Diana have superstitious beliefs, as they believe in good luck charms and that the swings have a special power.  They take things too far when it interferes with Marilla’s attempt to convince the town council to build a new library for Avonlea.  Because of this, Anne realizes that her superstitions have not been helpful.  She finds that the superstitions act negatively, as they stop her from problem solving.

Anne gets wrapped up in the fun of the superstitions until they have a negative effect on Marilla’s pitch for the new library.  Anne learns that problem solving is much more effective, as she finds problem solving provides a sustainable solution.  Although the superstitions are fun, she finds that problem solving is a better way to get through situations.