Family in “Oh Brother”

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In Anne: The Animated Series episode “Oh Brother”, Felix and Felicity find that even though they fight constantly, they are still family.

Even though Felix and Felicity are brother and sister, they keep fighting with each other as they do not get along well.  However, since Anne is an only child, she has trouble understanding why Felix and Felicity fight.  Anne attempts to intervene, but her help is misconstrued and only perpetuates the situation causing Felix and Felicity to fight more.  Although Anne tried to help Felix and Felicity settle their differences, her mindset of an only child did not understand the annoyances that come up in a brother and sister relationship.  Yet, Felix and Felicity are able to come to a better appreciate each other when each of them sees the aspects and skills about each other they had not noticed.  It is then that Felix and Felicity are ready to enjoy the King family reunion that is coming up.

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Relationships are a key theme in the episode, especially those within a family.  It is the brother and sister relationship of Felix and Felicity that the episode centers on.  Anne comes from a different background, of being adopted and then an only child.  So she has difficulty understanding why the relationship between Felix and Felicity is so turbulent.  It is after Anne’s attempt to help them that Felix and Felicity realize that they may annoy each other at times, but ultimately they enjoy each others company.  They see the good in each other through skills and aspects they had failed to notice while they were annoyed at each other.

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It is this significance of relationships, that even when they are tumultuous, it is important to focus on the positive in each other.