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Fashion and Trends in “The Sleeves”

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The Anne: The Animated Series episode “The Sleeves” has Anne concerned about her appearance.

After world famous Amelia Evans arrives back into town, the people of Avonlea try their best to impress her. Amelia is very sophisticated and cosmopolitan; it prompts everyone in town to be as chic as Amelia.  Since Amelia used to live in Avonlea, there is a talent show in her honour.  Anne is in the talent show, but becomes preoccupied by her appearance and almost forgets about her part in the show.  Anne learns that she is proud of who she is and what she looks like, regardless of others.

anne diana

The issues in this episode include self confidence and trends.  Anne struggles with her self confidence in the episode, as she puts more value on staying in trend with the big sleeves that Amelia wears.  Instead of focusing on the important things she has going on, like her talent show part, Anne finds herself wanting to fit in and wear the big sleeves like Amelia.

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While everyone in town is also trying to prove they are current and modern to impress Amelia.  The notion of being modern becomes more important than that of the country lifestyle the people of Avonlea have.  By getting swept up in the sophistication and fashion of Amelia, the townspeople forget to place more emphasis on their internal qualities.  Everyone learns the importance of internal qualities, like kindness, over the external features, like fashion.