Leadership skills in “The Avonlea Herald”

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “The Avonlea Herald”, Anne finds herself starting a newspaper.

After Rachel Lynde gives the kids some encouragement, Anne and her friends begin a newspaper of their own.  Anne enjoys the idea so much she works very hard to become the editor.  Yet, she keeps working hard and taking over the other departments too.  Anne starts to get frustrated with her friends work and becomes bossy rather than helpful.  But Anne is able to notice her bossy attitude and is able to have a positive change in her attitude so everyone enjoys working for the newspaper again!

The issues during the episode come from Anne’s leadership of the newspaper.  At first it is her enjoyment of the newspaper that drives her to work hard, but then after she gets to be the editor and have some control, Anne’s bossy attitude starts.  Her control of the newspaper grows as does her bossy attitude.  It is finally when Anne finds herself being a poor leader because of her bad attitude.

Anne learns the difference between being a bossy leader and an effective leader.  Because an effective leader has mutual respect with workers, which Anne learns is important.  She also sees the importance of collaboration and team work.  She sees that in order to be a good leader, she has to be a good listener as well as someone who can share easily.  Since it is a team effort, Anne finds out that everyone has an important role to play in the newspaper.