No Anne is an Island

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Anne and Diana set up their own club!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “No Anne is an Island”, Anne and Diana set up their own club!

anne hopscotchAnne and Diana get excluded by their classmates, so they decide to start their own club.  The club is to be exclusive and the only members can be Anne and Diana.  But while building their new club house, both Anne and Diana realize that everyone else at school has joined an exclusive club started by Felicity!  The girls soon understand that in being snubbed by some classmates and then deciding to then exclude kids from their club was just as mean as the original snub.

It is a great episode to show the need to include everyone in activities.  There is no reason to exclude others, as Anne and Diana first were snubbed then began to snub others.  It is a mean cycle that only hurts feelings.  In order to have everyone have fun, it is best to include everyone!