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Learning About Chores in the Episode “Chores Eclipsed”

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The Anne: The Animated Series episode “Chores Eclipsed” finds Anne neglecting her chores in order to plan her lunar eclipse party.

She finds it difficult to manage her time between party planning and chores.  She falls behind on the chores she has to do around the house in order to focus on the party.  She starts to feel like she is the only one that has to do everything.  But she realizes that if Marilla and Matthew stopped doing their chores too, the house would be a mess.  It is then she understands the importance of everyone helping out around the house and how chores are an everyday part of life.


The episode touches on the themes of time management and chores.  At any time, it can feel stressful to manage household chores with everyday life, especially when things get busy.  Yet, it is important to understand that through organization and time management it is easier to get everything done.  Also a routine is a great way to make sure there is enough time to get through necessary chores.  For example, if every Monday evening it is time to do laundry, then it becomes easier to remember to do.  As well once it becomes part of a routine it is simple to work in other tasks around chores.  So while the laundry is in the wash, another chore or task could be accomplished.


With some routine and organization any task and chore can be completed in an uncomplicated manner, which makes more free time to have fun!