Respecting Other’s Opinions in “A Walk in His Shoes”

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “A Walk in His Shoes”, Anne finds that she disagrees with Marilla over the way she does certain farm chores.

Anne wants to do things her way and gets impatient with Marilla.  Anne thinks that the way she wants to do the farm tasks is the best way.  However, she starts to use her imagination to understand why Marilla does everything in a certain style.  By trying to learn about where Marilla is coming from, she has put herself in Marilla’s shoes.  In doing this action, Anne has a better grasp on Marilla’s feelings as well as a newfound respect for Marilla’s way of doing things.  It is the simple act of understanding Marilla’s point of view that helps Anne, even though she still may disagree with it, she can still respect it.

The themes in the episode deal with understanding other people’s point of views as well as respect.  It can be difficult to find common ground on some issues, but regardless of the argument, if respect is mutual there should be no hard feelings.  By understanding other people’s feelings and point of view, it helps to be more empathetic towards them.  It also creates a sense of respect for their point of view, as not everyone has to agree with each other.  Anne learns that she can disagree with Marilla, but still get along with her to get the farm chores done.