Determination in “The Swim of Things”

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “The Swim of Things”, Felix and Anne learn about determination.

As Felix is not a strong swimmer, he becomes very disheartened by his poor capabilities at the pond.  This causes him not to join in with the others.  However, Anne loves the pond swims and becomes impatient with Felix’s inability to swim.  Yet, Anne gets an injured shoulder and can no longer swim in the pond, causing her to spend more time with Felix.  The pair help each other with their limitations and overcome them to be able to join in with the others swimming in the pond.

In this episode, the themes of determination and friendship are portrayed.  Anne and Felix become determined to swim in the pond.  They help each other to do so and stay motivated at the same time.  Their friendship gets strengthened by their ability to motivate each other and help each other with exercises to swim better.  Instead of giving up or feeling defeated, both Anne and Felix realize the importance of overcoming obstacles to achieve their goal to swim well.