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Anne and Felicity work together in the episode “Taffy”!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “Taffy”, Anne finds the Taffy she made too salty!

felicity and anne must work togetherThe annual Taffy Day festival has come to Avonlea and Anne decides to make some taffy for the festivities.  But when she gets to the festival and tries some of her taffy, it is too salty.  Anne thinks that it is Felicity who tampered with her taffy.  However, both girls soon realize the errors of their ways and work together to solve their misunderstanding.

Although Anne is quick to judge Felicity, Anne comes to realize that they should work together rather than against each other.  In working together, they begin to understand what happened to the taffy, but also how they can put aside their differences to work together.  It is a great episode to show that working together has many benefits, even with those you do not get along with!