The Best Partner

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Anne Enjoys Ben’s Visit in “The Best Partner”!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “The Best Partner” Mrs. Gresham’s nephew Ben comes to visit Avonlea.

anne dianaBen’s arrival is anticipated by the kids in Avonlea, as he comes on their Sports Day.  But when Ben arrives, the kids learn that he is now paralyzed due to polio.  The kids don’t want Ben to feel excluded so they make sure he can participate in the Sports Day activities.  With Ben participating in the Sports Day fun, he feels welcome and happy back in Avonlea.  He becomes the best partner regardless of his abilities.

anne the animated series episode 4 the best partnerThe episode explores the disability, as Ben is paralyzed due to polio.  However, the episode sends a strong message that although everyone is different, that they are all able to participant in fun.  The episode shows Ben having fun in the Sports Day activities regardless of his disability, as all his friends give him support and a happy welcome.  He feels included in the fun as well as glad to have such good friends!

The theme of the episode is supporting friends, but also making sure everyone feels included.  As Sports Day was full of physical activity, the kids made sure Ben could participate too!