Episode 1: Carrots

Tired of enduring Gilbert’s taunts about her red hair, Anne resolves to do something about it. While her results are initially disastrous, Anne manages to reverse her mistakes. In the end, she emerges with a new and more balanced attitude about herself.

Episode 2: Babysitting Blues

Gilbert thinks babysitting his infant cousin will be a breeze. That is, until he finds himself alone with the tyke. Anne, who has a great deal of experience looking after young children, comes to his assistance. Gilbert comes to realize how demanding and difficult looking after children can be as well as how important is to be vigilant, caring and prepared.

Episode 3: The Stray

A stray dog arrives on the doorstop of Green Gables. Anne immediately falls in love with the pooch and is determined to keep it. Marilla is against the idea; they have enough animals and a dog is a great deal of responsibility. When nobody comes to claim the pet, Anne schemes to keep him. However, after a series of mishaps, Anne comes to realize that looking after a dog full-time is a lot of work. She is happy when Peg Bowen comes to claim her lost dog. In the end, Anne decides to visit the dog in his forest home until she is ready to have her own dog.

Episode 4: The Best Partner

When Mr. Gresham’s nephew Ben visits Avonlea, all the kids are excited about his arrival, especially as it coincides with a sports day. To their surprise, Ben arrives on crutches as polio has left him paralyzed. With empathy and creativity shown on both sides, the children learn to fully welcome Ben into the group, and the games, as a valuable partner.

Episode 5: A Question of Rules

The Avonlea kids prepare for their annual hunt for the Golden Crown, which has very complex rules and rituals. The only problem is, the adults have given other rules which means they won’t be able to play this year. A dilemma ensures for Anne and the children as to which rules should they follow? After thinking that rules are silly and unnecessary, Anne learns that certain rules are important to obey.

Episode 6: Taffy

When the taffy Anne brings to Avonlea’s annual Taffy Day turns out to be horribly salty, she is certain that it is all due to scheming Felicity. Only when both girls see the error of their ways can they work together to solve their misunderstanding.

I purchased all three volumes for my daughter, who is three, and she loves them. She has red hair just like Anne which was the initial attraction, and they have proven to be a hit. They are entertaining and each episode teaches a valuable lesson. Very glad we bought them.

S. SaroufimDelighted with this series

My family loves watching this cartoon together. It is imaginative, intelligent, and creative. My child (6 yrs old) learns important lessons, great vocabulary and even some of the basics of Greek mythology, literature and history. We have great conversations after watching each episode! I highly recommend this show for all children.

Amy GangloffGreat Cartoon!

Great for all ages. It's like watching the original programming. It's great how they have transformed the animated character into the same vivacious and inquisitive little spitfire the full length feature accomplished. Get the whole series you won't be disappointed.

Tonya TylerAnne of Green Gables series is wonderful

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