3 Ways Matthew Cuthbert is a Great Father

With Father’s day quickly approaching, we wanted to pay tribute to one of our favourite Sullivan Entertainment dads, Matthew Cuthbert. Though he came to fatherhood a little later in life, Matthew was a natural.

Fathers play an important role in children’s lives. Though Matthew and Anne found each other much later in both of their lives, and their bond and love for each other is something quite remarkable.  Here are some traits that make Matthew Cuthbert a great dad.

He’s Compassionate

It may be because his and Marilla’s childhood was quite different, but Matthew is always compassionate towards Anne. Even when Anne is in the wrong, he tries to show her some compassion, like when she tells off Rachel Lynde in Anne: Journey to Green Gables. Though perhaps he doesn’t give the best advice when telling Anne she doesn’t really need to be sorry, Matthew recognizes it’s hurtful to be insulted without saying Anne is right. He also teaches Anne an important lesson here: pick your battles. Matthew Cuthbert

He is Generous and Kind

Anne experienced a difficult childhood as an orphan, going from family to family and then eventually to the orphanage before she went to Green Gables. Once Anne came to Green Gables, she needed some generosity.  Whether it’s listening to Anne’s rambling but charming stories, or buying the dress of her dreams, Matthew is always generous, without overdoing it.

He Leads by Example

Matthew is opposite to Marilla because he’s less strict. Though he’s shy and less brash than Marilla, he still manages to help Anne do the right thing. Despite being reserved and having less to say than Anne or even Marilla, his kindness and compassion shine through and show us what type of person we all should grow up to be.

All of these reasons make Matthew a great father to Anne. Check out our Fathers page for last minute gift ideas!

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