Anne makes a new friend in “The Stray”!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “The Stray” Anne finds a new furry friend!

Anne finds a dog on their porch one day.  She falls instantly in love with the dog, but Marilla wants Anne to find its owner.  Anne is determined to keep it, but Marilla feels that they have enough animals and do not need anymore responsibility.  When no one comes to claim the dog, Anne has her heart set on keeping him.  Anne begins to look after the dog, and she learns that having a pet is hard work.  Peg Bowen comes to claim the dog and is happy to visit him until she is ready for her own dog.

anne the animated series episode 3 the stray
Anne learns how much work it is to have a pet, as she thinks of all the fun rather than the work it takes too.  She loves the dog and is happy to visit it, as she gets to still have all the fun without the work until she is ready for the responsibility of caring for her own pet.  Anne learned an important lesson about responsibility, as well as hard work!

anne the animated series episode 3 the stray marilla anne dog
Anne also learned about the importance of returning lost items to their rightful owner.  As she finds she loves to spend time with the dog, but it really does belong to Peg Bowen.  So it is great at the end of the episode when Anne can visit the dog because the two have bonded during their short time together.

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