Back to School: Tips for a Great First Day Back

With Labour Day coming up fast, it signals the end of the summer and heading back to school for the kids. With the summer comes later bedtimes, fun vacations, and relaxed routines which can make the transition back to school challenging for both parents and kids. For parents sending their kids to school for the first time, the anxiety and stress is even greater. Here some tips for sending your kids back to school this fall.

Plan Ahead

Avonlea SchoolBefore school starts is the last weekend for you and the kids to relax and have some final summer fun before the fall hits. However, the weekend shouldn’t be all fun and games. Take that weekend to start getting them to bed a little earlier leading up to the first day of school.

Ahead of time, determine which route best to take for the first day back. Is there a bus route for your kids? You may think driving your kids in may be the best option, but so do many, many other parents causing traffic jams and delays. If it’s possible, head out earlier and walk your kids to school. Chances are they’ll remember it more than a stuffy, slow drive to school.

It may be tempting to make a special breakfast, but opt for simple and quick options that your kids can gobble up, and have them out the door in no time. Planning ahead will save you lots of time for the morning of.

Have Realistic Expectations

In an ideal world, the first day back will go off without a hitch. In reality, as parents you’re probably already well aware that no amount of planning can stop something from going to the wayside that morning.

Your alarm might go off late, the kids may miss the bus, and a whole host of other possibilities, and that’s ok. It’s important for your kids to see that even if a few things go wrong, it doesn’t mean their day, let alone school year will be ruined.

Hope for the Best

The school year, and the first day back, will have their ups and downs, successes and failures for both you and your child. The fall in many ways is a lot like New Years Anne in schoolEve, with the changing seasons, it’s a time to both reflect and start over.

Even if the school year previous was challenging, try to focus on the start of a brand new year. For children, starting a new year can be both exciting and stressful. It’s a lot of new things at once, a new grade, sometimes new teachers and classmates. They might even be attending a new school. Regardless, make sure they’re armed with a new, positive attitude as well!

With these tips, your kids should be off to a great start for a new school year!

Watch this Kids Talk, where the kids discuss what makes the nervous.

Anne: The Animated Series – Butterflies (Kids Talk) from Sullivan Entertainment on Vimeo.

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