Supporting Kids Who Are Becoming a Vegetarian

Though it may come as a shock initially, vegetarianism in children is increasingly popular. Whether it’s from their first trip to the farm , discussions in the media, or from friends, children do learn the impact of eating meat on animals, as well as the environment.

anne animated ep 09 02This knowledge may prompt them decide that they are becoming a vegetarian. Here are some tips on how to transition in your family when your child decides they are now a vegetarian.

Don’t Panic

The first instinct might be to panic and with good reason. It will certainly change your lifestyle. However, you child will be relying on your to help them ensure good nutrition and to find meat alternatives, so try to keep a cool head.

Have Fun with It

If your family is big into meat, incorporating more vegetarian meals into your collective diets might seem like a chore. However, it might provide a good opportunity for some creativity in the kitchen.

Chances are you’ll spend more time together when you get together to make meal plans, and try different and exciting new recipes.

Be Supportive

You can be supportive without being a convert. No one expects a parent to give up a diet (that’s not negative) but you can help your child to create their own meals, and join in on occasion. Doing this will show your child that you can support others without necessarily changing to suit their beliefs. This is an important lesson about tolerance that your child should learn.

Being compassionate to consider the well-being of all living things is an admirable quality in a child, and you should be proud. Whether they stay a vegetarian, or not, they’ll know you supported them regardless.

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