How to Establish House Rules for Kids

Now that the kids are back to school, it can be difficult for kids to revert back to the rules and routines they had before the summer.

Some rules, such as set bedtimes, may have gone to the wayside and can be challenging to reinforce. However, rules are important, they keep us in order, and they are often made for everyone’s benefit. In the Annetoon episode “A Question of Rules,” the adults set up a bunch of different rules against already existing ones which make things pretty complicated. Here are some tips for establishing clear expectations  and setting house rules for kids.


felicity anneWe all certainly have our own list of rules we’d like enforced but sometimes dictating rules without any input can be met with some resistance.

Sit down with your kids and together, draft a list of house rules. Chances are if they’re involved with the process, they will be more willing to follow said rules.

Be Positive

Rules need to be carefully worded. If your rules are simply “don’t do this” or “don’t do that,” it’s a bit of a negative approach, and sometimes illicit the opposite response of what they are supposed to prohibit.

Use verbs and action words to keep things on a positive note.  Say,  “be courteous to others” and “use your inside voice,” to give your children a sense of agency and responsibility.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Nothing is worse than a long exhausting list. No one will want to read through it, let alone follow it! Keep your list simple by prioritizing what rules must be followed. Are there rules anne the animated series episode 18 the witch of avonlea gilbert matthew anne marillaon your list that might be givens? Are there rules that are more important than others?

These are important questions to ask when creating your list. Keeping your list short will also help your children’s memory as well as your own. Having a list of a few items is not only good for memory but also not daunting.

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Anne: The Animated Series – Rules (Kids Talk) from Sullivan Entertainment on Vimeo.

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