Felix King is a Great Friend

Felix King is one of Anne’s closest friends in Avonlea. Though inventive and spunky, Felix isn’t always at the top of the class. His fun-loving attitude and love of adventure, makes him a great friend to be around. Here are some of Felix’s best traits that make him a great friend.

He is Supportive Felix thinks Anne is the bee’s knees and would do anything to help her. In the episode “The Swim of Things” despite being a poor swimmer felix kinghimself, he is there for Anne to help her with her swimming when she injures her shoulder.  By being there for Anne, they both help each other overcome obstacles. They both some value lessons. They learn that hard work and determination pay off. They also learn how important it is to motivate each other.

He is Inventive Felix often gets Anne to see things from another perspective. In the episode “A Better Mousetrap,” Anne and Diana are disappointed that Felix has joined their group and dismiss his ideas. When their method to stop the mice doesn’t work, they incorporate Felix’s idea which does work. By often seeing things a little differently than Anne, Felix teaches her to be more open to different ideas and not to ignore anyone’s contributions.

Though Anne and Felix come from different backgrounds their friendship with one another helps them learn valuable lessons about each other and the world around them. Felix is fun and creative in ways that Anne is not, making their friendship complete. They always look out for each other. For instance, in the episode “Bully by the Horns” Anne quickly comes to her friend’s defence and together they befriend the bully Ralph, learning that even a bully needs a friend, too.

Not only is Felix a great friend, but also a great character! Watch his and Anne’s animated adventures on DVD!

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