Fun Summer Activities for Kids

School is almost out for the summer, and many parents scramble every year to line up activities to keep the little ones occupied. No more teachers and no more books may bring delight to children but once they’re out of school, what do you have them do?

Summer camp can be a great option but only for those who can afford it. You need to get creative when finding fun things for your kids to do. It’s the only way to avoid hearing the most dreaded phrase from your children: “I’m bored.”

Here are some fun activities for your kids to do this summer:

Summer Reading
Though it might be tricky trying to get your kids into reading right after school has ended, books are a great way to keep kids occupied. Many local libraries have summer reading clubs they can join, or you can get your kids together with other kids in the neighbourhood to swap books. A book that we recommend is Anne and the Bully. It’s a great story that teaches kids how to handle bullying while also having compassion for those who are bullies.

Anne Reading

Arts and Crafts
A staple at summer camps, pick up a paint set and get the kids creating their own works. You can have them paint inside or outside, making this activity a great option for those few rainy days. As a fun challenge, get the kids to make a certain number of paintings/drawings and then at the end of the summer get them to choose their favourite works to be “exhibited”. Planning their own art show will keep them motivated and busy, all summer long.

Outdoor Activities
The summer almost always provides the best weather meaning the kids should be outside as much as possible. The options are endless here. They can play in the backyard or in the local park/playground. Hosting a picnic, or a garden play tea party are other fun options. Summer break doesn’t last forever, so the more time they spend outside before school starts back up, the better.

Anne Outdoors

If the kids are rained out, or looking for some evening activities, have them watch Anne’s animated adventures on DVD!

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