Why You Should Give Felicity King a Second Chance

Felicity King is Alex King’s sister and sometimes friend to Anne.

She sees herself as being incredibly beautiful and charming and will tell you so every chance that she gets. She and Anne clash often because Felicity will go out of her way to embarrass Anne, and sometimes that makes Felicity pretty hard to relate to.

Felicity is different than Anne in so many ways, and she works as a great foil to Anne because her behaviour a lot of the time shows us how not to act. She is obsessed with material possessions and is often rude. However, Felicity sometimes is jealous of Anne and maybe doesn’t always understand her unconventional ways. Though she can be bothersome at times, Felicity has some shining moments of goodness. Here are two reasons why you should give her another shot. Felicity King

She’s Misunderstood

On the surface Felicity seems like a confident kid with at all. Dig a little deeper and viewers soon realize that it’s all just a front. Felicity is often jealous of kids who blend in well with others without having to impress them with possessions. For instance, in the episode “Oh Brother,” Felicity snaps at her brother Alex because he impresses their cousins by making them laugh, not by wearing a flashy new outfit. For some, being themselves comes easily but for Felicity, it’s more difficult. We can all relate to trying to impress someone, and in the end she usually does the right thing.

She Comes Through When it Counts

In the same episode, Felicity says some pretty nasty things to her brother but it stemmed from Felix taking her things without asking. We can all think of a time when our sibling or another family member didn’t respect our things and borrowed something without asking. Once Felix reveals to Felicity that it hurts his feelings when she teases him, she stops, and even helps him reel in a big fish. She also protects him from a snake, one of his biggest fears. Finally, to thank Anne for helping her and Felix get along, she tells her brother to toast Anne, which is a very nice gesture.

Nobody is perfect, and Felicity is certainly a reminder of that. However, everyone deserves a little compassion, even Felicity.

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