Helpings Kids Adjust to the Daylight Savings Time Change

While parents rejoice to earn that extra hour of sleep, for children what may seem like a slight interruption in routine can set them completely off balance.

Marilla Daylight Savings Time ChangeWith the clocks set to “fall back” this Sunday, we compiled a list of tips for parents to help their kids cope with the daylight savings time change.

Get Them to Bed Earlier

Ahead of Sunday, adjust your children’s eating and sleeping schedules back in fifteen minute intervals. Tonight, get them to bed 15 minutes earlier. On Friday, put them to bed 15 minutes earlier than you did on Thursday.

Finally, on Saturday, tuck them into bed 15 minutes prior to the night before. By the time Sunday rolls around, you’ll have them to bed an hour earlier, with minimal adjustment. Working gradually will make the change easier for the children, rather than waiting until Sunday night.

Use Routines

Rather than relying just on numerical time (it may be something only parents rely on, not young children), using routines as cues is another method. Scheduling bedtime and bath time earlier, may work better for your kids, than just assigning an earlier bedtime.

For some kids, the activities before bedtime, such as bath time, or being read to before bed,  are strong indicators that it’s time to go to sleep.

Be Patient

Not every child is the same, and it may take a few days for them to adjust to the time change. That may results in a few early morning wake ups.

As inconvenient as it may seem, just like everything else your child has learned so far, they’ll adapt eventually. So have some faith.

FUN FACT: Daylight savings was utilized initially to save on candles, having people rise earlier to use the sunlight as lighting, rather than candlelight.

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