The Importance of Outdoor Play

Although the digital world has lots to offer children like educational tools and games, and can be beneficial for children, kids are spending less time outside than they used to.

In Anne: The Animated Series, many of the adventures Anne and her friends go on take place in the great outdoors. Playing outdoors is great for children because they can explore their environment and be more aware of what’s around them. Here are more reasons why kids need to play outside.

Anne Outdoors
Running around, riding a bike, swimming or any other outdoor physical activities get the body moving.  In the episode “The Swim of Things” Anne and Felix spend time at the pond swimming. Though Felix starts off being a poor swimmer, they work together to become stronger swimmers, and they each get exercise while gaining confidence.

Stimulates the Imagination
When we see images on screen they are presented to us in a straight forward way with no room for interpretation. In Anne: Journey to Green Gables, Anne sits outside cloud gazing and imagining the clouds as fantastical shapes and animals. When we use our imaginations it turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. This makes for creative and curious minds which benefits children in the future. Cloud Gazing  Outdoors

Teaches Problem Solving Skills
Whether it’s learning how to play with others or determining the best route to take, learning how best to make these decisions often happens when playing outdoors. In “Lost and Found” Anne and Diana head off into the woods on a quest for buried treasure ­– without telling anyone. With no map, the girls quickly get lost and have to work together to find their way back home. Both Anne and Diana learn huge lessons. Tell your parents where you are going, and bring a map and tons of food and water to last throughout your adventure.

Being outdoors has tons of lessons to offer, natural beauty, and, as Anne says, so much scope for the imagination! Get your kids outside and get them into gardening gloves in two different patterns: animal print and flowers!

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