The Importance of Self-esteem for Kids

Having healthy self-esteem is pretty important, especially for kids. In Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series, we see Anne and her friends as pretty confident most of the time. However, whether it’s a bad day or they’ve faced some challenges, sometimes Anne and her friends can feel a little down on themselves.

Having good self-esteem is what provides a protective shield against life’s challenges. When you’re a kid, sometimes you can take someone else’s words too much to heart like Anne did in the episode “Carrots”. Though it’s meant as harmless teasing, Gilbert makes fun of Anne’s hair and compares it to carrots! Anne, who is already sensitive about her hair colour, decides to buy some hair dye. Anne was both fed up with being teased and probably was feeling badly about herself to resort to having to dye her hair.

Though Marilla tells Anne her hair is fine, the message doesn’t stick. Anne’s best friend Diana even tries to remind her that what’s important on the inside is what matters, not the outside but Anne isn’t having any of it. What’s important to realize is though other people’s opinions have a huge affect on us, when we don’t truly believe what they are saying, the message just doesn’t go through.

green hairAfter Anne’s hair turns green, she learns a valuable lesson about not changing what makes us unique. However, only when Anne’s own opinion of her hair changes does she accept what others had been telling her all along. How we see ourselves is one of the most important things of all.

How can you help your kids with their self-esteem? Be a good role model; don’t put them, others, or yourself down. Help them set realistic standards. We all have strengths and weaknesses so help them learn to love the unique things about themselves. anne with red hair again

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