How to Keep Your Kids Grounded During the Holidays

During the holidays it’s hard not to get caught up in all of the shopping and consumerist hullabaloo. The intentions may be good, ensuring that everyone in your family has a great Christmas, but what’s at the heart of the holidays (gratitude and family) can sometimes get lost.

In Annetoon, the series is based in an earlier period where kids didn’t get a whole lot. Despite this, they still found a way to be happy. We give you some tips on how to keep your kids grounded and full of gratitude during the holidays.

Don’t spoil them

Anne Dressing herselfNo, seriously, don’t. Though it can be tempting, giving your children lots of gifts for Christmas isn’t always the best call. Though many parents end up doing this because they don’t want their kids to feel envious of others, it creates a harmful precedent. Giving them all that they could ever want sends a dangerous message that anything they ask for and want, they’ll get.

We know as parents that that’s not real life. You don’t always get what you want, but it’s possible to get one or two things that we do want.  Try to give them only one or two things off of their wishlist and a few practical things like socks. Doing this will teach them the lesson that you can’t get everything you want, and that what you do receive is still valuable and should be appreciated.

Teach them The Joy of Gift Giving

If you’re hearing a lot of “I want,” this holiday season we suggest you try to turn back the focus to giving to others. Suggest they bake cookies for a trusted neighbour, giving books and toys that they may like to other children. Seeing the happiness the gifts can bring to someone else, will make your kids realize, that gift giving is a crucial part of the holiday season, not just gift getting.


There are many organizations that need a helping hand during the holiday. Whether that’s the food bank, or soup kitchens, there are always places that could use volunteers during the holidays. Seeing others in need will hammer home a fact that sometimes many of us forget: Not everyone has food on the food table and access to their needs let alone wants.

Seeing how others live always broadens ones world-view but is especially important for children. By the end of it, they will come to appreciate what they have, rather than what they don’t. Try to do this every year so the message stays with them.

Did we miss any tips? Sound off in the comments? Still Christmas shopping for your little ones? Read our Holiday Gift Guide for Kids!


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