Diana Barry is Anne’s first friend in Green Gables. Anne’s dream is to find a bosom friend and she certainly finds one in Diana. Loyal, practical when needed, with a sunny personality, here are some reasons why Diana is a great friend.


Diana Happy WalkShe’s Practical
Many times Diana is dragged along on one of Anne’s crazy adventures, and more often than not, Diana has to talk Anne out of her foolishness. For instance, in the episode “The Disappearing Allowance,” Diana learns that part of being a good friend doesn’t always mean agreeing with them.
When Anne frivolously spends her allowance, buying candy for friends and on other things she doesn’t need, Diana pipes up. She reminds Anne that she should be saving her money, not spending it all. A good friend always encourages their friend to do the right thing, even if it means giving them some tough love.

She’s Loyal
Diana always sticks up for Anne, and is there for her through thick and thin. In the episode “One True Friend,” Anne’s loyalty wavers for a moment when she and Anne are teased about Diana’s head lice. Both the girls learn importance of loyalty. If roles were reversed and Anne had head lice, Diana would surely support her friend Anne.We all have moments where our friendships are tested, but loyalty is important. Having a bunch of fair-weather friends is less important than having one true friend. When we are loyal to our friends, they are loyal to us. Diana giggle

She Learns With Anne
Sometimes part of friendship is making mistakes together, and when we make mistakes we learn from them and do better. In the episode “Condition of Superstition,” both girls take their superstitions too far which ends up costing Marilla when she pitches a new library in Avonlea to the town council. Believing in luck can be fun and even comforting, but both girls learn when we rely too much on luck we often ignore we what we can control and are capable of. Some of the best lessons learned are with a friend.

Diana truly is a kindred spirit.

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