Gilbert Blythe is another one of Anne’s friends in Avonlea. Athletic, and smart, he often challenges Anne intellectually.

Though they compete against each occasionally and don’t always get along, Anne and Gilbert’s friendship is a strong one.   Here are some reasons why Gilbert is a great friend.

He Challenges Anne

Part of what makes Anne and Gilbert’s friendship so great is because he challenges her. Although Anne doesn’t always like to have met her match with Gilbert, it helps her learn some important lessons. There may be someone else just as athletic, just as fun and just as smart as you, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from being friends with them. Although Gilbert teases Anne in the episode “Carrots,” Anne also challenges Gilbert. Anne is new to Avonlea and Gilbert goes from being one of the smartest kids in school, to having an intellectual equal.  Friendship doesn’t always mean agreeing all the time and when we’re challenged by our friends, it makes us better ones. Gilbert Blythe cake

He’s Relatable

The best part about Gilbert is he’s relatable. Gilbert is great but certainly not perfect. He teases Anne so much it makes her want to dye her hair! However, Gilbert learns the power of his words and apologizes to Anne. In the episode “Babysitting Blues” Gilbert’s overconfidence gets the better of him, when he thinks babysitting will be a breeze. Anne comes to his rescue and he learns to be vigilant and caring when it comes to caring for a child. In the episode “Butterflies,” though Gilbert is a good leader, he lets winning get the better of him but ultimately through Anne learns the value of sportsmanship. Everyone is human and makes mistakes but learning from them and doing better in the future is what’s key.

He Forgives Others

Anne Gilbert In the episode “Idle Chatter,” Gilbert finds himself on the receiving end of idle gossip. His friendship with Anne is tested when she accuses him of cheating. As a result, his reputation and grades become at risk. Both Anne and Gilbert learn a hard lesson about the negative effects of gossip but better still, Gilbert eventually forgives Anne keeping their friendship intact.  It’s great to be forgiven, but it’s even more admirable to forgive those who have done you wrong.

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