Money Can’t Buy You Happiness

In Anne’s Disappearing Allowance, we learn that while money can buy you material things it certainly cannot buy you happiness.

In this episode, Anne sets out to earn money by performing a magic show with Diana, but upon receiving a month’s worth of allowance in one go, Anne runs with it, quite literally. Every time Anne is feeling badly, she uses money to fix the situation. She is supposed to save her money but buys herself two barrettes instead, hoping that looking good will make her feel better about not saving.
Anne with money Nevertheless, Anne keeps spending. She talks so much about her future purchases that she has to stay after class instead of practising her and Diana’s magic act. Anne was so focused on buying things that she hurt her friend’s feelings and put their friendship at risk. Anne still doesn’t learn her lesson and heads back to Mr Lawson’s. Only when Anne is unable to pay for groceries, and Marilla is disappointed, does Anne learn that that money eventually runs out.

None of the things Anne bought had a lasting effect on her happiness. Anne learns that saving her money gives it the best opportunity to grow. She also learns that is possible to have fun without money when she and Diana put on their first successful magic show, for free.

Earning and saving her money is what made Anne the happiest.

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