Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Anne Shirley and her friends live in beautiful Avonlea where there are tons of fun activities to do outdoors. During the summer, rainy days are the last thing on any child’s mind.

However, sometimes there are a few days in the summer where it does rain. Kids are reluctant to go outside and parents scramble to put together fun activities for them. Anne and her friends never run out of fun things to do, rain or shine. Taking some inspiration from Anne: The Animated Series, try these fun activities for those rainy days.


In the episode “Butterflies” Anne and her friends play a few games of hockey. Hockey is a great sport because you can get your kids and their friends together to play! It also can be played indoors. Many local community centres have gyms or even ice rinks where kids can play hockey and have a very fun afternoon.


The episode “The Swim of Things” has Anne and Felix teaching themselves how to swim. Swimming is a great activity, as most community pools are indoors and open all year round. Whether you schedule lessons for the day, or let them do laps or play Marco Polo, spending the day at the pool playing water sports is a lot more fun than being outside getting rained on.


When’s the last time you read to your kids? Or better yet, the last time your kids read to you? Make some hot cocoa and spend the day reading old favourites, or hit the library and discover new ones. Reading aloud will build confidence in your kids, and you’ll discover new characters and new stories together.Anne Reading

Educational Movie/TV Marathon

Sometimes on a rainy day we just want to curl up on the couch, watch some television, and stay inside. Anne: The Animated Series is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. Educational, funny, and entertaining, your kids will love spending the day watching this series. Let the kids pick their favourite episodes, while you pop the popcorn and grab plenty of pillows! Looking for a longer movie to keep your kids occupied? Watch Anne: Journey to Green Gables. This full-length, family-friendly film boasts all the same fun and adventure of the television program.

You can watch all of Anne’s animated adventures on DVD

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