Anne: The Animated Series

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Engaging Activities

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Can’t get enough of Anne: The Animated Series? Why not check out our fun and educational Games page? Here are just a few of the awesome activities we have in store for you:

dressupDress-up: Help Anne’s best friend Diana prepare six themed outfits: Mexican, swimming, princess, ballroom, witch’s word-gluecabin, and pirate ship. Once you’ve crafted the perfect ensemble, watch a short video clip of Diana and her pals having a blast in their creative costumes!

All The Broken Words: Oh no! Gilbert has fallen down the stairs and dropped a box of letters. Now his words are all mixed up. Can you help Gilbert “glue” them back together before Rachel Lynde’s nephew, Timmy, wanders off?

matthews-atticSort The Attic: The town of Avonlea is hosting its annual auction at the town fair. Help Matthewanne-character-quiz-icon sort through his attic to decide what to donate. With each item you find, Matthew will write up a log which documents its unique historical significance.

Quiz: Are you an Anne or a Diana? A Gilbert or a Felix? Find out which Anne of Green Gables character you’re most like with this fun personality test!

Visit our website for even more ways to play. 


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The Animated Series: More Ways to Play

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Here at Sullivan, we’re awfully proud of our family-friendly films and television series, including Anne: The Animated Series, Anne of Green Gables, and Road to Avonlea. But did you know that as well as producing acclaimed entertainment, we also offer plenty of exciting gifts, books and knick-knacks in our online shop? Here are just a few of the awesome items currently available:

t-shirt_-_anne_paintingT-Shirt Painting Kit: Colour your very own Anne of Green Gables T-shirt with this amazing fabric paint set! Kit includes six paint colours, a paint nightlight1_1brush, a card pallet insert and instructions on how to decorate your Anne of Green Gables shirt with beautiful colours.

Anne of Green Gables Night LightExperience this charming illustration from the Anne of Green Gables Animated Series in a whole new light. Comes in a sturdy and stylish box perfect for gift giving.

Anne: The Animated Series Soundtrack: Children of all ages will love this collection of themes and melodies from the original soundtrack of the animated Anne of Green Gables television series. This CD captures the essence of Anne’s character and promises a life full of smiles.

Anne: The Animated Series eBooks:  It’s never been easier to take your favourite Anne stories with you wherever you go! Sullivan’s eBooks are available in downloadable formats for Kindle, Apple, Kobo and all epub compatible e-readers.

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Learn More About Anne’s Family!

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Find out more about Matthew and Marilla, Anne’s family in Anne: The Animated Series!

Anne's Family Matthew and MarillaMatthew is Marilla’s bachelor brother and Anne’s adoptive father. Shy and gentle, Matthew likes to avoid confrontation. But he’s pretty good at giving advice in a kind way that’s easy to take – unlike most adults!

Marilla is Anne’s adoptive mother and Matthew’s sister.  She is a spinster with a stern, no-nonsense attitude. But underneath it all, she has a soft and loving heart.  Marilla sometimes has trouble understanding high-spirited Anne and usually doesn’t believe a word of her fanciful stories. But she is very proud of her Anne and loves her deeply.

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Anne’s Three Good Friends!

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Learn about Anne’s three good friends on Anne: The Animated Series!

diana anne

Diana is Anne’s best friend and the two girls have been attached at the hip since the moment they met. She is a dark-haired girl with a sunny personality. Diana often finds herself dragged into Anne’s escapades like the good, true friend she is. After all, that’s what “kindred spirits” are for!

gilbert anne

Gilbert is a generous, athletic, bright and fair-minded boy. He keeps Anne on her toes because he’s as smart as she is.  But this doesn’t sit too well with Anne and her pride often gets in the way of their friendship.

Though he is a sturdy and inventive boy, Felix King isn’t often the “head of the class” in the Avonlea Schoolhouse.  But he sure knows how to have fun! Felix shares Anne’s love of adventure.  He thinks she is the “cat’s meow” and will follow her anywhere.

anne's three good friends

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Read about Anne’s Adventures!

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Read along with Anne’s adventures in the Anne Animated book series!

Anne of Green Gables Animated Adventures

After enjoying all the Anne: The Animated Series episodes, you can follow Anne while you read about her!  The books follow Anne as she deals with friends, bullies, and babysitting in her new hometown of Avonlea.  The books are a great edition to any family library, as you can read about Anne and the other great characters of Avonlea!

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Anne gets an allowance in “Anne’s Disappearing Allowance”!

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In Anne: The Animated Series episode “Anne’s Disappearing Allowance”, Anne gets her first allowance!

In the episode “Anne’s Disappearing Allowance” Anne gets her first allowance from Matthew and Marilla for doing her chores.  Due to the excitement of having money, she goes to the general store and spends all her money at once.  She spends her money instead of saving it.  Because she spends her money unwisely on things she does not need, Anne almost loses her allowance privileges.  She quickly learns how to manage her money properly.

Anne's disappearing allowance

Anne enjoys getting her allowance too much, as she spends it all at once and not on what she was trying to save up for.  She learned very quickly to manage her money and not spend it all in one place.  It was an important lesson to learn, as she now understands the meaning of hard work and saving!