Bully by the Horns

Anne helps Felix with a bully in “Bully by the Horns”!

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In the Anne: The Animated Series episode “Bully by the Horns”, Ralph, a new kid in town, is bullying Felix until Anne intervenes.

When Ralph comes to town he begins to pick on Felix and when Anne finds out, she decides to stick up for Felix.  However, when Anne sticks up for Felix she finds herself acting like a bully to Ralph.  In order to stop this chain of behavior, Felix and Anne work together to decrease Ralph’s aggression.  In doing so, it allows Felix and Ralph to start a friendship.

Matthew’s suggestion to Anne that perhaps no one had been nice to Ralph and therefore he is not nice to anyone sticks with her.  She figures out that by being nice to Ralph it may soften his demeanor with other people.  When Felix tries to be Ralph’s friend it is the start of a fun relationship, as Ralph changes his temper.

Because Ralph is a new kid in town, he tries to act tough, but it back fires as he lashes out at people who could be his new friends.  When Anne intervenes it helps Felix, but does not help Ralph.  So when Felix takes the time to try to be nice to Ralph, it is an important step in welcoming Ralph to town and making him feel welcome.