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Tips for Kids on Dressing Themselves

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At some point or another, your kids will want to be more involved with dressing themselves. It isn’t because you have bad taste, but rather, your kids are growing up. Wanting control over what they wear is inevitable and good as it helps kids express their individuality and independence. Here are some tips for helping your kids get dressed.

Give Suggestions

Anne Dressing herselfWait, what? Letting your kids dress themselves doesn’t mean relinquishing full control. However, you may run into a tantrum or two if you simply pick their options for them. Make it a collaborative effort. When your child picks their clothes, make gentle suggestions. If you think something would look better than what they’ve selected, don’t simply say “that looks bad,” but give them an alternative.

If you’re not a fan of the sweater they’ve chosen, provide an alternative. They may make some odd choices, but part of growing up is also learning what works and what doesn’t, so don’t rob them of that lesson.

Trial and Error

A lot of the time, kids will make some questionable choices. They’ll pick costumes over practical options suitable for the existing weather conditions, etc. Chances are if you tet them (briefly) wear the light clothes in freezing weather once and they won’t do it twice.This may send you into a tizzy but sometimes you just have to let them look a little foolish, to drive those Anne in Dresslessons home.

A lot of the first couple tries of kids dressing themselves may end badly. They might not take to your suggestions. They may pick ridiculous options that you can’t accept (like a bathing suit in the winter for example), the possibilities are endless. Eventually, they’ll get the hang of it, so be patient and embrace the process.

Special Circumstances

There are certain instances where there might be a dress code or different cultural/social rules that don’t have a lot of flexibility. For instance, your kids may be required to wear cultural garb, or there might be an event like a wedding where there is a dress code, or perhaps your kids attend a school with a uniform. These scenarios can be tough as there is not a lot of flexibility in what your kids can wear, so how can you help them stand out?

You can always help them stand out by letting them pick their own accessories, like socks or a bag or a hat. It is a small gesture that goes a long way. Though it may not feel like a lot of choice at first, being able to pick something will make them feel like they had some part in getting dressed.

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