Teaching Your Kids About Not Jumping to Conclusions

In “Taffy“, Anne assumed that Felicity sold her salt instead of sugar on purpose, which ruined her taffy. However, when the shoe is on the other foot and she is accused Anne doesn’t like it very much.

Felicity and AnneWhen people make false assumptions or jump to conclusions it can be very hurtful to the person being accused of something. As one can imagine, children often do this when they are upset because they want to assign blame to someone when something goes wrong.

However, it can make children develop bias which is not good. We give you some times on how to stop your children from jumping to conclusions.

Try Role-playing

Get your kids to think of a time they were wrongly accused of something. Ask them how it made them feel. Then, ask them to think of a time they accused someone else of doing something that they did not do.

Get your child to think of how it must have made the other person feel. Empathy can go a long way in making your child understand how they should treat others.

Emphasize the role of Evidence

When your child accuses you or someone else of doing something, ask them how they know, or what proof they have. Though having a gut feeling is useful, having evidence to back up those feelings can prevent a lot of hurt.

Getting your child to say why they think someone did something, will quickly help them realize that they may not have a reason at all. They should get more information first before assuming someone did something.

Sometimes Mistakes Happen

It’s important to learn not everything is intentional or mean-spirited. For instance, in Annetoon Felicity accidently switched the sugar and salt labels, and didn’t mean to ruin Anne’s  taffy.

Nobody is perfect and sometimes people make mistakes. However, it’s not good to jump to conclusions about their intent. Instead, make sure that your child knows, that while the action may upsetting, like it was in the episode Taffy, the person have meant well. If they had made an honest mistake, they’d want to be forgiven, so show that courtesy to others.

Get your kids ready for fall with the soft Anne:Animated Series Blanket. Watch this kids talk where they discuss jumping to conclusions and false accusations.

Anne: The Animated Series – Taffy (Kids Talk) from Sullivan Entertainment on Vimeo.

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