The Importance of Friendship

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Nothing is more important than having good friends but that means you have to be a good friend too.

Ani-Friend-02Friendship is a recurring theme in Anne: The Animated Series as Anne and her friends go through the trials and tribulations of growing up.  Although the show takes place in the past, many of the issues the children face are very relevant today.  In the episode “One True Friend”, Anne finds herself struggling to stay loyal to her friend Diana after she gets head lice. Unfortunately head lice is still a serious problem that Ani-Friend-05many modern children have to deal with and it can put a tremendous strain on friendships.

Anne initially stands by Diana in spite of her having lice but that changes when kids start making fun of them both. Anne must decide whether she wants to be a good, loyal friend or preserve her own popularity by shunning Diana along with the other children. Thankfully, after much thought, Anne realizes her friendship with Diana is more important than her own popularity and decides not to be just a “fair weather friend” like the rest of the Avonlea children.

In this episode young viewers learn the  importance of loyalty and sympathy, which are essential traits of any good friendship.  It is Anne’s willingness to put Diana’s feelings before her own that allows their friendship to remain strong.  This is a very valuable lesson for children to learn in order to develop strong friendships to help them through any situations in Ani-Friend-07which they feel different or out of place.  Growing up can be difficult in any era, but as Anne found out it is better to have “One True Friend” who will stand by you through thick and thin than a dozen who won’t.

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