Tips for Picking the Best Halloween Kids Costumes

Halloween is a fun event for kids (and for parents) that comes around but once a year. Kids get to dress up in fun costumes , share and listen to spooky stories and of course go trick-or-treating!

Though it is a fun event, parents and kids tend to stress themselves out unnecessarily over the costumes. Halloween costumes are a certainly an important part of the holiday but shouldn’t be the source of turmoil. We give you some tips on how to pick the best Halloween kids costumes.

Get Creative

Anne Diana in CostumesHalloween is meant to be fun and choosing a costume should certainly be part of that. While buying a costume is a good enough option and is convenient, opt to make your own. Not only is this option cheaper, but your kids end up with more unique costumes, and unique costume wearers always get the best candy!

Try to avoid any costume idea that involves a lot of sewing, is labour extensive, or requires a lot of expensive materials. Hit up your local thrift store and get your child to help you with the basic assembly.

Safety First

Though accessories like wands, or play swords finish off a costume with flair, they can also be dangerous. Make sure your child knows not to flail around these things in case anyone might get hurt. Long sleeves and oversized capes are also to be avoided as they present a tripping hazard.

Also, avoid flammable materials like cotton, and linen. They might pass by a lit jack-o-lantern and accidents do happen, so make sure to choose fabrics like polyester or nylon that more commonly melt, rather than ignite.

Test Run

Nothing is worse for a kid, than the disappointment of having a too large or awkward fitting costume. Aim to have the costume completed well in advance to make certain adjustments. Chances are if the costume needs adjusting, you have time to make changes and redo as many test runs as you need.

Want to know the fun bonus of having the costume finished ahead of time? Not only does it makes your child(ren) excited for their costume and Halloween, you relieve yourself of a lot of stress.

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